6by6 is an online word guessing contest that anyone can play. It costs nothing to join. Players can take turns guessing hidden words and have six chances. Each test will display a change in color that indicates the accuracy of each letter. It is amazing to see how fascinating it can be. Today is the perfect day to join 6by6 with your friends!


  • Visuals that are vibrant but limited to two dimensions. 
  • The story's central character is a beautiful one.
  • You can use your intuition to guide you.


To begin the tasks and find the secret word, the player will need to use either the mouse or the keyboard. This will allow them to navigate the environment and reach their objective. All the best!

Our word game collection includes the exciting word guessing game 6by6 as well as other exciting games such as Sedecordle and Byrdle. All the best!

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