Airportle is a free online word-guessing game with an exciting aviation theme that is suitable for players of all ages. In this game, the player must decipher the airport's IATA code after six guesses. After each wrong guess, the boxes will change color to show the difficulty of each word. Now is the moment. Please register for Airportle immediately.


- Adorable characters.

- Images in 2D with a variety of vivid hues. 

- A variety of animal personalities with which to interact.


Airportle allows the use of both the mouse and the finger to execute activities. Find the airport's IATA code and solve the issue using six trials. To demonstrate the accuracy of your guesses, the color of each cell will change. The IATA code contains green text just where it should be. The IATA code for the yellow text contains a typographical error. Anywhere within the IATA code, the gray text indicates an error.

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