Autocross Madness - A free online racing game. All are welcome. It's your turn to take the plunge and let loose on this beautiful track that climbs up and down steep inclines. You must work hard to win this event. Once you are ready to display your skills, click on the play button and the race will start. It is your responsibility to win every race against an AI competitor. Each of the 10 races will begin in a unique location and finish there. You claimed you were already preparing. Do you already know it exists? Join Autocross Madness immediately to avoid missing any amazing events.


- There were several armies.

- This two-dimensional game requires you to complete 10 stages.

- Simple and clever UI.


The visuals for the game, which include the realistic racing circuits the players navigate with the mouse using three-dimensionality, are all created in three dimensions. Due to the game's incredible visuals, players will be able to see the exact location of their race. This game's controls are very simple and easy to comprehend. The battlefields are also the best you can find. Have fun!

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