Bubble Shooter Pro is an addictive game you can play for hours. You must pop each bubble to earn the most points. Shoot the bubbles and make groups of at least two or three of the same color to get rid of them. If you pop more bubbles at one time, you will score more points. You get a foul if you fail to pop the bubble. A new set of bubbles will be displayed at the top. Let's just say, get started! Bubble Shooter Pro is the best online bubble shooter game, so don’t hesitate to play it!


- This game is very entertaining.

- There are three levels of hardness available.

- The 3D graphics are lifelike and extremely detailed.

- You can also change the game settings.


To complete a level the players must use touch controllers, or a mouse to move the balls around in groups of bubbles of the exact same color. You can point with your finger, or use the mouse to shoot. Have the best time possible!

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