It's a word guessing game with a puzzle element called Custom Wordle. In this game, you have six chances to find a word that's been buried. You'll know how close you are to a correct guess by the color of the tiles that change as you make guesses. Take advantage of these great chances right now with Custom Wordle.


- The ever-increasing difficulty.

- The development of skills in an easy-to-play environment. 


To participate in the custom wordle, simply move your mouse in the appropriate directions and follow the on-screen instructions. After each erroneous answer, the color of the crossword clues you in to the ultimate answer. As long as you use green, you may rest assured that you've included your term in the right place in your writing. Even if the word is in the text, it's in the wrong place. The color gray signifies that the phrase does not contain any letters.

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