The hockey-themed guessing game known as Dangle was inspired by the wordle. Each day, you must determine the identity of a different participant in this game. You have a total of eight opportunities to identify the unidentified player. It's quite intriguing, wouldn't you say? Joining Dangle immediately will prevent you from missing out on fantastic opportunities.


- 3D graphics with a vivid color scheme. 

- There are other minor levels to complete.

- The narrative and characters are endearing.

- Amusing and intriguing games.


The players take turns moving the mouse and attempting to guess the names of active NHL players. If each of your eight guesses is correct, you win. Following each estimate, a separate color will be displayed to indicate the word's level of precision. The presence of a green box next to an attribute indicates that it is accurate. A yellow box in the age column indicates that you are within two years of your actual age. A yellow box in the number column indicates that you are within five digits of the correct answer. If there is a yellow checkmark in the team column, it means that the intriguing player has competed for that group. There is not a single color that closely resembles the qualities of the mysterious player. I wish you luck!

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