All ages may enjoy Healing Rush, which has an interesting exploration and role-playing premise. You'll be a doctor in a brand new hospital in Healing Rush. Weird illnesses have sickened the populace; let us descend to aid their recovery. Let's build the biggest hospital possible so that we can save as many people as possible. Your patient is afflicted with a wide range of debilitating and strange conditions. In this simple but addictive action game, you must act quickly and apply the appropriate potion to heal the injured party(ies).Is there anything more you'd want me to take care of for you? Help people heal quickly by signing up for Healing Rush now!


- It helps players reach the finish line first, so they can win the competition in addition to all of the other fun features like speeding over obstacles.

- In addition to the beautiful visuals, the user interface is really simple and easy to use.

- All-inclusive games with simple rules that everyone can enjoy.

- For example, it is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


In Healing Rush, the only way to get the best reward is to use the mouse to move virtual joystick keys.

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