Hertl is an online puzzle game that is interesting to gamers of all ages. This game's purpose is for players to accurately identify a disguised hockey player within eight tries. It's wonderful, isn't it? Join Hertl as soon as possible to avoid missing out on any of the fantastic opportunities!


- Intuitive controls. 

- In horror films, characters with compelling histories are prominent.

- Participation in a challenging and enjoyable game.


Players assume the role of Hertl and collaborate to move the mouse and complete the objective. You must correctly identify the NHL player eight times out of eight. You will discover with each guess how much closer you are to identifying the hidden player. The green and yellow cells are identical, whereas the gray cells are not. If the team's tile is yellow, it signifies that the mystery player has played for the predicted player's team. Regarding the player's age and the number of jerseys, an arrow will indicate whether your estimate is higher or lower than the actual figure. Only active NHL players are permitted to participate in the game. I wish you luck!

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