Microsoft Jewel is an engaging puzzle game, which can be played online. It is open to everyone. This match-3 game will take you on an exciting adventure through a magical realm filled with precious stones. In order to pass a level, you must switch between different shades of gems and use them to combine them. By creating matches that are longer you can surpass your previous highest score, find more precious gems, gain more points, and get more overall. This game is fun to play and allows you to use your imagination in a castle high up in the sky. Are you ready? Microsoft Jewel will make it easy for you to get started.


- There were several types of jewelry. Each had its own color.

- Two-dimensional shorts with vibrant hues.

- It's fun and it keeps you entertained the entire time.

- There were many pieces of jewelry available, each with a different hue.


With a single mouse click, players can complete stages by matching three or more of the same type of gem. Just drag, click, or push on a gem to move it up, downward, left, or right. To score the highest number of points, you must fill up the various colored meters. This will allow you to advance the score multiplier into the next level. The round ends when there's nothing left to do. Have fun!

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