It's not surprising that the Microsoft Solitaire Collection is the best-selling video game ever. Because of the game's intuitive design, deciding what to do next is fun for everyone. This variant on the age-old card game Solitaire is fresh and exciting. Do you know what you're going to do? Don't put off joining the Microsoft Solitaire Collection and miss out on all the benefits it has to offer.


- An exciting card game with gorgeous 3D graphics.

- Empower oneself by enhancing one's skills.

- Try your hand at solitaire in a number of different game types.


All eight card-filled rows must be emptied in as few turns as possible. Take away the deck and discards. Using a pyramid strategy, you must add up two cards until you reach a total of 13 to get rid of them. In TriPeaks, you get points and remove cards from the board by choosing them in ascending or descending sequences. I pray that your endeavors are fruitful.

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