The game Nerdle is a numerical version of the famous word game Wordle. Players must attempt to guess the equation rather than recognize the daily word. Once you've made a guess, the color of the cells will change to indicate if you've entered the numbers or symbols in the correct places and whether they exist in the equation. There's no indication of how the equation will be constructed. It makes no difference whether you do it or not. Isn't it cool? As soon as possible, join Nerdle!


- The game has a number of unique elements that aid players in overcoming challenging hurdles.

- The user interface is basic and easy to navigate.

- Visually appealing and straightforward configuration.


To begin the game, the player only has to enter the correct equation to uncover the clues. You'll have six chances to solve the puzzle. The goal is to achieve this. The numbers 0 through 9 as well as the arithmetic symbols (+-*/=) may be used to do computations. When a number or an arithmetic sign is incorrectly placed in the target equation, yellow underlining will show. If the equation includes numbers or signs, and those numbers or signs are in the correct place in the equation, the equation will be highlighted in green. The color gray indicates that these specific numbers or signs are not included in the computation. You must correctly estimate the equation in order to win the game (all points are green). Share your discoveries on social media.

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