Numberle is a math puzzle game inspired by the early 2022 phenomenon Wordle. The objective of Numberle is to precisely estimate the mathematical equation in six tries. As you enter your own equation, you'll notice color suggestions that indicate you're getting near to solving the problem; if all of the rows are highlighted in green, you've won! This game is perfect for stimulating the intellect while having fun with friends. Are you all set? Sign up for Numberle right away!


- The game has a beautiful aesthetic and an intuitive user interface.

- There are numerous helpful features for players.

- Simple game rules do not demand exceptional skill.


To begin the game, the player needs to just enter the correct equation to reveal the clues. You will have a total of six opportunities to estimate the desired equation. You may compute using integers (0–9) and arithmetic signs (+-*/=). Any misplaced integer or arithmetic sign will be marked in brown in the target equation. The equation will be highlighted in green if the appropriate numbers or symbols are present. Gray indicates the absence of specific numbers or symbols in an equation. To win, you must estimate the equation accurately (all points are green). At the end of the game, you can share your score right away on social media and copy the URL to challenge your friends.

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