The word-guessing online game Subwaydle, which is based on subway signage, is open to everyone and is completely free to play. Your objective is to solve a subway puzzle with only six hints. Each forecast must be a valid metro train consisting of three trains that utilize the available transit between them. It's quite intriguing, don't you think? Subwaydle is now offered!


- Colorful, two-dimensional illustrations.

- Controls that are rational.

- Playing a game that is both entertaining and difficult.


After being given six opportunities to solve the Subwaydle puzzle, players take turns using the mouse to attempt to do it. Each prediction must be a legitimate metro train that utilizes all three trains in the system. You must select the particular mix of three trains that can complete the voyage. The purpose is to find a means to complete the journey that is compatible with the current puzzle. The answer could be the fastest or most efficient mode of transportation. I wish you luck!

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