Vex 6 is an online game in the Stickman Parkour Platformer series with a humorous idea. The player's stickman must leap and slide through nine distinct moves. "Frustration" is the last step of any activity, and it must be finished. Collect pennies to get access to 64 different Stickman skins. Are you ready to take on some incredible VEX 6 challenges? Join now to prevent missing out on exciting opportunities.


  • The game features a beautiful design and a realistic sound that players adore.
  • At various levels, players may accomplish daily tasks.
  • 60 frames per second, high resolution.


Players in Vex 6 maneuver their characters through computer chores using the arrow keys or the WASD key. On a mobile device, utilize the left-to-right and jump/slide arrow controls to accomplish tasks. Best of luck, and may you be victorious as soon as possible!


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