Wordle Peaks is an online variant of Quordle's word-guessing games. This activity requires players to join Wordlepeaks and to use 5 characters and 6 attempts to guess the secret word. The game will allow players to choose from two modes. It's quite fascinating, don'tcha think? So don't miss this opportunity, join Wordle Peaks now!


- You can receive bonuses and other awards every day of the week.

- Two-dimensional images featuring lots of color.  

- There are many levels that become more difficult.

- This is a game that's both challenging and fun.


The keyboard and mouse are used to move the players, and the words they fill in with are filled out using different words. After each guess, tiles display the location of your letters in the alphabet. These are different from the letters that were correctly guessed.

There are many word guessing activities in our collection, which are very similar with Custom Wordle. I want your win!

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